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We offer a 20% discount for individuals working within charitable, education or arts based organisations.  Standard and discounted rates* are outlined below for all our One to One, Group and Training coaching 

Kids Riding Scooters


Training is planned around your specific needs and priorities

Bespoke training is hugely beneficial to the development of a setting because it is tailored to your specific priorities and needs.  Linden Learning Associates have a wealth of experience in training that covers all aspects of Early Childhood Education and Care. 


Please get in touch to discuss your individual requirements.  Some settings invite other local settings to join them to share the cost of the training

Kids Blowing Bubbles

Leadership and Management

Training for the leadership team 

Heads of Nurseries and Senior Leaders carry a great deal of responsibility for the success of an organisation. They will have specific accountabilities, often for multiple areas within the organisation and typically contribute directly to strategic planning.  Linden Learning offers a number of training packages to provide support, structure and challenge in this demanding role.

Courses offered in this area include 

Vegetable Picking

Professional Development

Training packages for all aspects of Early Childhood provision

Continuing professional development is an important ingredient of the adult’s role which contributes to the success of an organisation.  It is an ongoing process which continues throughout an educator's career and ensures they feel confident and competent in their role and remain up to date with current research relating to child development.  Linden Learning offers a number of training packages covering all aspects of Early Childhood provision.  Courses offered include:

  • Supporting Two Year Olds

  • Behaviour and Emotion Coaching

  • Inclusive Practice

  • Cultural Capital

  • Schematic Play

  • Developing an enabling environment

  • Using stories and rhymes

  • Supporting Children’s Wellbeing

Leadership and Mgt
Professional Development
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