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We offer a 20% discount for individuals working within charitable, education or arts based organisations.  Standard and discounted rates* are outlined below for all our One to One, Group and Training coaching 

Action Learning Sets
Kids' Paintings

Action Learning Sets

A structured session involving 5 to 8 colleagues 

Colleagues can bring an issue/focus to be worked on - optional - The group collectively decide the foci of the session - The group support each other to identify practical approaches to address the issue/foci

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Children Jumping on Trampoline

Whole Team Training

When the whole staff team hear the same messages and develop practice together 

Attending training as a whole staff team is hugely beneficial to the development of a setting.  All members of the team contribute ideas and the momentum from the course is continued back in your setting.  Linden Learning offer bespoke training tailored to your setting’s priorities and needs. 

Playful Kids


Evaluate your service and strive for continuous improvement

Early Childhood Educators continually strive to be the best they can be in terms of their enabling environment and the role of the adult within their service. Linden Learning offers consultancy and advice regarding all aspects of Early Years Foundation Stage practice. We work with senior leaders and the staff team to reflect upon current practice and develop provision. 


  • Initial discussion identifying priorities (can be via telephone or email conversation)

  • Visit to setting to observe if appropriate and discuss development of an aspect of practice

  • Unlimited email and telephone support as required between sessions

Whole Team Training
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